Microsoft Outlook 2000 Setup

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2000

1. To begin configuring Microsoft Outlook 2000 with your Fire2Wire account, right click the (1)Microsoft Outlook icon on your desktop, and (2) choose Properties from the pop up menu.
(1) (2)

2.  On the Services popup window, click the Add button.

3. On the Add Service window, select Internet E-mail, and click on the OK box.

4. Fill out this dialog box accordingly.  When you are finished, click on the Servers tab.

5. Fill out this dialog box accordingly.  The incoming and outgoing mail servers are both  For your account name, please type in your email address.  If you might not always be on a Fire2Wire network when you want to check your email (because this computer is a laptop, work computer, etc), be sure to check the box that says My server requires authentication.  After you have done this, please click on the Advanced tab.

6. On this dialog box, please check Leave a copy of messages on server, and Remove from server after 5 days.  This will allow you to use more than one email client (such as Webmail) if you ever want to do so in the future.  After you have done this, keep clicking OK on all the dialog boxes until you are back at your desktop.

7. Double click the Microsoft Outlook icon to start the program.

8. Click on the Send/Receive button to check your mail.  You need to press this button every time you want to check for new mail, and you also need to press it after you compose a message.

Microsoft Outlook 2000 should now be set up properly.  If you would like to test your setup, you can click the New button to compose a message, and type your email address in the To box.  After you have composed the message, go ahead and click Send, and then on the main Outlook 2000 window, click on Send/Receive.

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