Basic Email Settings

Email Hosting Customers

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server: <Consult your ISP, or see below for Fire2Wire Internet service customers>

Username: <Your full email address> (e.g.

Internet Service Customers

Outgoing Mail Server:

Note: As of April 1, 2007, Fire2Wire Dial-up customers must use Fire2Wire's outgoing mail server.

Supported Mail Protocols

Below is a list of all mail-related protocols we support.

 Function Protocol Port SSL* TLS** Encrypted Authentication
Outgoing SMTP 25 No Optional Optional Optional***
Outgoing SMTS 465 Yes NO Yes Optional***
Outgoing SMTP/MSA 587 No Optional Optional Required
Incoming POP3 110 No No No Required
Incoming POP3S 995 Yes No Yes Required
Incoming IMAP 143 No No No Required
Incoming IMAPS 993  Yes No Yes Required

* Uses direct SSL

** Uses STARTTLS command

*** Optional for Fire2Wire Internet service customers, otherwise required

Spam Filter Settings

You can view/update the spam filter settings for your email account by logging into webmail and clicking on Settings > Spam.

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