Dial Up setup for Windows XP

How To Set Up Your Dial-Up Connection on Windows XP

1. Click on the Start Button, move your mouse up to Internet Explorer, and right click.  On the menu that pops up, click on Internet Properties.

2. In the Internet Properties window, click on the Connections tab, and then click Add.

3. The default selection of Dial-up to private network should be fine - click Next.

4. Type in your local access number and then click Next.  Please make sure the phone number is local, so you will not receive a huge long distance bill from your phone company.  Here is a list of local access numbers.

5. Go ahead and click Finish.  You may want to change the name in the box to read "Fire2Wire" (so you can more easily identify the connection).

6. The connection settings window will now come up.  Go ahead and type in your username and password.  If you would like your connection to be optimized and more secure, click Properties and read on.  If you don't care to have your connection firewalled, you may click OK and skip to step 9.

7. Click on the

8. We will now enable the Internet Connection Firewall.  This will significantly help prevent future viruses such as the Blaster worm and other unwanted Internet traffic from initiating connections to your computer.  Simply click on the check box, and then click on the OK button.

9. We will now adjust the computer's dialing behavior.  It is generally best to have the computer "Dial whenever a network connection is not present", but you may choose to establish all connections from the Dial-Up connections folder in the Control Panel and select "Never Dial a Connection".  Click on OK after you have made your choice.

10. Go ahead and start Internet Explorer (Start->Internet).  If we did everything correctly, you may now press Connect to connect to the Internet.

Now that you are able to connect to the Internet, maybe you would like to set up your email client ?

Or perhaps access your email anywhere without the need to set anything up ?

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