Dial Up setup for Windows 9x

Dial-Up Setup for Windows® 9x

To setup a dial-up connection on Windows 9x, you first need to access the "Dial Up Networking" folder. The easiest way to do this is to open "My Computer" on the desktop and click on the "Dial-Up Networking" icon.

Next, double click on the "Make New Connection" icon to start the connection wizard (it may start on its own, which is fine).  In the first text box, type a name for the connection, the name itself isn't important but it should be meaningful, then click next.

Type the dial-up phone number in the box.  You can see a list of Fire2Wire Dial-Up and Dial-Up Plus phone numbers here.

Right click on the new connection you just made and click on properties.

Make sure that under the "Allowed network Protocols" section only TCP/IP is selected and click OK.

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