Dial Up setup for Windows 2000

Windows 2000 Professional

Step 1: Starting Networking wizard

The first step to connecting to the Internet is to create a connection to us. You do this by: START MENU, SETTINGS, then click on NETWORK AND DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS (as shown below).

A new window will open, similar to below, and you should DOUBLE CLICK the "MAKE NEW CONNECTION" icon.

Step 2:The Network and Dialup Wizard

Double clicking the New Connection will start the Network Connection Wizard. This wizard is used to create several different types of connection, so it is important to follow the steps carefully.

The first page is merely a welcome screen, so simply press NEXT to continue.

On the next page, select "Dial-up to private network" and click NEXT.

The next page will prompt you to enter the telephone number your modem will dial in order to connect to us. Ensure that the "Use dialing Rules" checkbox is checked, then enter the area code, telephone number and country code. Then click NEXT.
Fire2Wire dial-up numbers

You can choose to allow only yourself access to this connection, or allow anyone who can log onto the machine to use it. (If you are the only user, then you can safely choose "for all users"). Choose which option you desire, then click NEXT.

To complete this section of the installation, type in a name for the connection, e.g. Fire2Wire, and then check the "Add a shortcut to my desktop" box. Then click FINISH.

At this point, a dialog box to connect may appear, and you should click CANCEL at this point. Now return to the "Network and Dial-Up Connections" window (which should still be open). There will be a new icon named "Fire2Wire" (or whatever you named it in the wizard).

Right click on this and select "Properties" from the pop up menu.

In the General tab, ensure that your modem is listed in the top dialogue box.

Go to the Networking tab, and ensure that PPP is selected , and that "Client for Microsoft Networks" is deselected . Now click OK.

3. Connect to Fire2Wire

Now that the connection has been configured, you can connect to us. Switch back to the desktop (Windows key + D), and double click the Fire2Wire icon on your desktop. If you have an external modem, ensure that the power is on, and ensure that your phone line is connected to your internal or external modem. Type in your user name and password into the appropriate boxes (you can check "save password" if you wish the connection to remember your password each time - not recommended in an insecure or public environment). Now click

DIAL and it should dial, validate your password, and then connect.

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